Nutrient Tempe and Benefits for Health

mendoan kebumen

Tempeh is one food that can be processed into a variety of other foods, so many menus in Indonesia using basic materials tempeh, such as tempeh bacem, tempeh mendoan, dried tempeh and even tempeh can also be processed into food more modern like steak tempe , nugget tempeh, tempeh burgers and much more. But do you know what the benefits and nutrients contained in tempeh? Tempe is a food from fermented soy beans, tempeh is rich in fiber, calcium, vitamin B and iron, tempeh also contains antibiotics to cure the infection and antioxidants as a preventive measure degenerative, consuming tempe could also hinder the process punuaan early as tempeh also contains anti free radicals. Tempe also can lower bad cholesterol because they contain high protein than animal protein, thereby potentially helping reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Tempe can also help lower blood sugar levels and triglycerides in diabetics.


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